Wipaq provides large variety of biometric access control system at low-cost in Dubai, UAE. We offer access control system only from leading biometric manufacturers.
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Wipaq Trading is your one-stop security system supply store selling an extensive range of biometric supplies from top-most leading biometric manufacturers to meet your office equipment or security system needs. Serving corporates, industries, government premises, schools, colleges and hospitals for more than a decade, our biometrics supply can fulfill your office need by increasing the safety and security. We offer a vast selection of access control system, plastic id card printers, time attendance system, turnstile gates, printer accessories, plastic pvc id cards, id card accessories, id card printing software, embosser machines, data capture devices at best prices with excellent quality and support. With 500 products available for your corporate and industries are ready for the fast delivery in Dubai and Middle East, you are on the right place to find affordable biometrics and security products that you need to secure your office. If you are searching for biometrics and security products and don't find what you are looking for, please call us at +971-4-2666-524 or chat online with one of our service experts. Wipaq Trading, looks forward to serve you and your business.

Biometric Access Control System Dubai

Wipaq offers a huge range of Biometric Access Control System in Dubai to protect your valuable property. Installing Biometric Access Control System to secure your valued property boosts your trustworthiness and reputation among your customers, and it makes them to think that you are the right source to protect their data. Wipaq provides you perfect Biometric Access Control System Solutions in Dubai and all over UAE. We have an extensive range of Biometric Access Control Systems like Face Recognition, Fingerprint and Hand Geometry.

What is Biometric Access Control System?

Giving particular access to the people using physical identities like face recognition, fingerprint, iris and hand geometry is called as Biometric Access Control System.

How it works?

Access to the particular person is granted when his or her physical identities match the recorded identities present in the biometric device. Door remains locked when the access is declined to the user. All the user access transactions are recorded whether it is granted or refused.

Benefits of Biometric Access Control System
  • Only authorized persons are allowed to enter the secured area inside or outside the premises
  • Cost-Effective
  • Authentic & Precise
  • Reliable
  • Gain more reputation among your customers
  • Fast technology
  • Add or delete the employee access details
  • Biometric device includes face recognition, fingerprint, iris and hand geometry

Types of Access Control System Dubai

Managed Access Control

Bio Security 3.0

Control Panel/Hardware

InBio-160 One Door Controller
InBio-260 Two Door Controller
InBio-460 Four Door Controller

Visitor Management Systems


Access Control Readers

WI-100 Proximity Reader WI-200-Bio Metric Attendance Reader
WI-200- WITH ADMS T4-C Biometric Reader
Finger Print Enrollment R-4000 CR10E RFID Reader, CR10M RFID Reader
ZKS-CR20M Mifare Reader ZKS-FR1200 Mifare Reader
Finger Print Reader - FR1200 ZKS-IFACE302 with Mifare
ZKS-IFACE302 Bio Metric Attendance Reader
KR101M Mifare Reader
Abu Dhabi
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